Chef of the Century

Joel Robuchon shook the world with his masterful innovative art of cooking. He is the Master of French Haute Cuisine.

I was lucky to meet him in Las Vegas when he visited one of his restaurants “Atelier”. I was flattered by his attention and sincere wish to know what people think about his food. I’m on the other hand was flabbergasted and tried to say somethings smart in French but honestly I was just mumbling. You couldn’t feel differently – he was the God of Culinary world.

He showed me how to intricately eat one of his favorite dish – baked oysters. Step by step. He was joking and I was absolutely smitten by him! He brought me a gift, his book and signed it for me. The fact that I didn’t faint right at the spot is still a mystery to me.

I’m a serious foodie. It’s not arrogance but I do have a very sophisticated palette. It doesn’t mean that I always prefer to eat in a fine dining restaurant. I could also enjoy very creative dish from a food truck but it has to be creative.

When I saw the menu from Joel Robuchon’s restaurant with famous mashed potatoes, I was skeptical. Seriously, I couldn’t believe that anybody could surprise me with this dish. When I made my first bite, the same moment I understood that I have never tried real mashed potato! I can’t apprehend how this simplest dish could be turned to a divine ambrosia!

This morning started with the sad news about the death of Joel Robuchon. Culinary World will never be the same without him. Rest in Peace, Maestro. You will be missed greatly.

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