Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Since our friends are still traveling, we decided not to roast turkey. We couldn’t possibly finish big bird by ourselves, so it will wait it’s time!

I had lamb shanks in freezer, I decided to make it with Israeli couscous.

When it cooks in culinary bag it cooks perfectly within, keeping all juices and flavors.

Time to decorate table
New plaids plates will fit perfectly for thanksgiving and Christmas time!
Can’t be anywhere without my inspector. He learned from the best (his older brother Chester)
Leftover for couple of more days 😀

The Best dishwasher inspector! 👍🏻

After lunch/early dinner we bravely decided to go to movie!

Why bravely would you ask? It’s so cold 🥶 outside! 22F but when it’s windy it feels like 10-12F. One of the wintery feature of New York living by the way – when it’s wind in the winter time , no matter what are you wearing, mink or Canadian goose, you’ll feel like naked. It goes right trough you…

So we went to Long Island Cinema De-Lux movie 🎥 theatre which has best features: recliner 💺 seats!

Feeling awesome 😎! Ready for 3D movie!

Fantastic Beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald was really fantastic. Sic! Spoiler alert! If you hope to find many answers in this movie, leave your hope at home. Nope, everything went even more complicated. I left theater 🎭 with very dumbfounded face, and bunch of questions, like Ehh… so Who’s the guy? Girl name is Nagini? Is that all well known Nagini or what? What is perfectly clear that this movie is a promise for another 5-6 prequel/sequel/whatever-equel.

I’m not complaining though! More Of a wizardry world in our ordinary life is better!

Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃! All best wishes!

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