Nose work.

My plan to go away changed since weather forecast didn’t promise smooth ride.

Neiman Marcus visit was long time overdue. I want to put my recently “upgraded” 😀 nose to work.

It was interesting how many notes I could picked up and recognize!

I smelled all available oud perfumes, surprisingly almost all big name perfumers doing oud and fragrance keep repeating itself…it’s amazing but very much the same… oud and rose mostly. So, Creed with their Royal Oud and Royal Princess Oud are very unique fragrance and imho the best in oud department. I need to test Ensar’s Oud fragrances though !

I also took samples of Armani Prive since these fragrances notes intrigued me! No wonder here, right? Fig and vetiver are one of my favorite notes in perfumes!

Looked them up if you interested!

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