Taking my words back

Saturday, December 1,2018 was unexpectedly perfect day and evening! NY Islanders was set to play home opener in Nassau Coliseum. Honestly, I wasn’t fan of Coliseum or traffic on the way up there! I know how it was before and I felt its literally fit more for rodeo … old and dirty … no way! The Barn, you know …

I genuinely couldn’t understand why islanders fans so pissed off about Barclays… until I was so fed up with Barclay’s antics that make me swear not to return in this establishment ever again for a hockey game!

It was kind of frustrating that I didn’t feel like I want to return to any arena to cheer up for my team! Until CBJ come to town. I hold very special place in my heart for them 😀

I explain in another post why I’m changed my mind about Coliseum and tailgate fandom parties 🎉.

I choose first row for obvious reason 😊😍 to see my favorite player up close. I’m totally becoming fan girl when CBJ in town.

Captured the moment when they did set it up glass jump on me and of course my wine was spilled! 🍷! Good job boys but you own me now!
Yep! That’s the ones

First row in Coliseum is almost in level with ice which makes the game invisible if you have a seats behind the players bench!

I didn’t mind at all if you know what I mean 😂

Shine bright like a diamond ♦️

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