Lamb Soup Day

I didn’t cook this Lamb soup called Harcho (har-tcho) for a long time, though I really love it.

You need to make lamb stock for about 2-3 hours otherwise you will not understand the whole heart of this soup, and who has that much time for cooking nowadays.

So, today was a Day!

I love my Bone China plates

It’s national dish of many ethnicities that live in North Caucasus. I grew up there and this is my home cuisine.

On the side of the plate is slide of fruit called feijoa.

It’s not obligation to eat it with soup but since it’s winter time and feijoa is winter fruit I love how smell of it affects soup’s smell. It adds freshness and lightness to hot and hearty dish. (Notice! Now I speak like true perfumer about 🥣 soup 😀!)

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