Saturday is for Christmas Tree shopping.

Last year trauma is still fresh with me, Christmas tree 🌲 felt down, and half of the rare Christmas ornaments that I’ve been collecting years after years since 2012, was shattered to small pieces all over the living room together with my ♥️ heart! I was afraid that accident will scare little Theo to death, it almost felt down on him! I couldn’t picked up tree by myself, thanks to my neighbor, he helped me to put Christmas tree back in the place and also calmed me down a little. So, naturally I was hesitant to buy Christmas 🎄 tree this year and tried to avoid this topic at all cost. I thought white Christmas tree would be enough.

Today my friends who are live in Holland told me that they are going to surprise me for my birthday and they are coming to New York with visit, they are also want to experience Christmas in New York City.

So, we have to go and pick up the tree otherwise its really difficult to explain them how it’s a most wonderful time of the year

We spent,I think, ah hour on the market lot trying to find right tree for us, finally we did and she is not too big and tall as we used to have but instead slinky and petite.

Since Hurricane Sandy wiped out half of our house, some of the valuables like Christmas ornaments gone too.

So, we decided to start new collection and collect dogs ornaments. We definitely have unique Christmas tree although I have idea someday to have ocean inspired Christmas tree! Maybe when I moved to Florida or California? 😀

So tree 🌲 is on and now we could meet our Holland friends without any shame

Christmas spirit is back!

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