Rose Facial Oil Serum

I was intrigued to make Facial Oil Serum, the one that I would like.

I ordered the ingredients that would love to include in serum.

I found interesting formula on internet and adjusted for my liking. It includes Sweet Almond Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Amaranth Oil, Vitamin E Oil which is excellent sources for face to get pampering with vitamins, antioxidants, to be moisturize and preventing premature aging in winter time.

I didn’t want my serum to be overly fragrant and that’s why instead of rose essential oil, I did add my White Witch Kiss oil formula.

Very light, not overwhelming fragrance and pink pearlescent cosmetic mica create magical concoction that would works And looks like desirable liquid from Fountain of Youth!

I’m testing it on myself for two days and I should say it feels amazing on the skin.

Very proud of my another achievement.

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