Scythian perfume

Unfortunately I can’t credit the artist but technic reminding me my friends paintings!

I waited for couples of month when all essential oils and absolutes arrived in my home.

Perfumers ingredients are pretty expensive so you can collect them step by step, one by one.

Decided to create Steppe perfume even though I thought 💭 Night of Blossoming Ferns going to be next since I already created Green accord but I put it on hold for now since I still can’t decided what is going to be in Floral accord.

It so exciting to start the process. I break down the scent of Steppe on two accords – Herbal and Floral and started from herbal first. I couldn’t believe that once I’ve done it was smell like Steppe! Magic is real. And that moment I suddenly realized that scent of Steppe is probably couldn’t be elevated to the perfume. I would say it would be exotically enough for Room Spray, candles, Diffuser but for perfume not really.

What saved me was that I somehow decided to transform Steppes fragrance into Scythian perfume, and complexity found itself without struggle.

Than I made Floral accord (I’m intentionally leaving details because it’s secret 😜) and add fixative and blend all together while literally crossed my fingers. Shake a little sample bottle and – oh, my! That was exactly what I wanted!

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