Ocean breeze and wild roses petals

I’m not surprised anymore, that weather wouldn’t cooperate whenever I decide to spend my day enjoying the ocean. It’s sure is sunny but very chilly

Theo, on the other hand had fun with 🌊 waves! He is finally started to be more outgoing and getting use to idea that car is nice thingy that gets you to the other thingy.

Good news was that Wild Roses (Rosehip) were in full bloom and I spent about an hour picking the petals in most amazing environment ever!

Awkward hand placement… but it gets to the point

My hands have scratches all over now but I’m happy!

I wonder if there is any perfume containing ocean notes and rose petals scent? I’m sure it would be awesome!

Good portion of rose petals goes to the jar to be macerated and I will dry leftovers for tea.

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