Mantis by Fumfragrances

Mantis is Femme Fatale Perfume. She is shamelessly seductive. Don’t get fooled by innocence of opening hints with light scents of citrus and melon. She will lure you into her green lair with lushness of oakmoss, tomato leaves and juniper, she will bewitched you with Bulgarian roses while Mimosas, Amyris, sweet Myrrh and mythical Ambergris will stimulate your desire. Musk and Atlas Cedar will finish their enchantment and when you finally realize that you are in danger it’s going to be too late!

Queen Mantis is hypnotic, alluring, provocative and frivolously sensuous! She is a Maneater. (In world of insects word man-eater has literal meaning. Female Mantis often eat her partner after sex) Mantis is handcrafted by @fumfragrances perfumer 🙌🏻 Miss Lola. I can’t express enough my adoration for all of her creations. I’m in love with her personality and how she is mastering perfumes! So naturally my inspiration goes to the watercolor painting- and here she is -Queen Amidala of all Mantis!

PS. Highly recommend to see Green Porno created by Isabella Rossellini about sexual nature of 🐜 🐛🦟🦗 insects.
Funny and super weird!!!

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