Osswald visit. Part 2

Well, next step was to check Memo House. First time I tried Russian Leather couple of years ago – couldn’t decide whether i like it or not.

I really like French Leather – Leather and Roses – sign me up! When I spray it on my wrist I thought – this sign me up excitement was premature… Scent on my skin changes and not in the good way … so conclusion was : smells good but not on my skin. I would by 10ml to try it in winter time.

Here is another perfumes I might consider – “Moon Fever”

Meanwhile I tried other perfumes and kept scent stick the ones I liked.


In short sentences, given equal time I spent to try them out – I like it but somehow I think they are lacking longevity. Have to check reviews!

Atelier des Ors

Again in short sentences, I really love all of them I tried. It feels like they were created with love and great materials. Bottles themselves something like hard candy 🍬 you want to hold them all the time. Too bad they didn’t have Rivieras trios and Lune Féline

And I exactly wanted to try it on. So, my conclusion – i definitely will want one of them or two!

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