Osswald visit. Part 1.

Long time wanted to get into Osswald. This is a famous store that sells niche perfumes.

I have been curious about several perfumes houses for quite awhile and wanted to have my own opinion.

Parfums de Marly

Of course, First Ive triés perfumes for women and since I knew already Dalina and it reminds me of Ex Nihilio “Last in Paradise” – I don’t like it, so it wasn’t surprise I didn’t like any of those – too feminine, too sweet, too powdery for me.

Layton EXCUSIF intrigues me, even though it’s completely masculine fragrance. On my skin first notes scented nice and second they’ve become sweet I wanted to wash it away .

So basically de Marley not my house at all.


I like this house it’s really unique. I have Acqua Di Sale. Tried all available on the stand and I like Fiore D’Ambra

Next was perfume “Lyra” by Casamorati

I saw MrCologne76 review on this perfume and wanted to try it. For me it was no! I can’t say it’s bad, just not mine.

Actually I think niche perfumes shouldn’t be selling in big bottles like that! 30 ml, 50 ml and 75 ml – maximum! To pay $290 for 100ml is way overpriced and unnecessary! Pretty bottle and box design is awesome but I’m not willing to pay for it! Also as perfumes collector I don’t need big bottles too!

My tant is To be continued… 😀

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