List of 10 Favorite Christmas Movies (1-5)

I think Christmas Movie season is officially on!

I wonder is everyone have own list of favorite Christmas movies because I would love to get suggestions and share mine.

Of course I would’ve started from “Love actually” but I somehow movie “The Holiday” became a leader in last couple of years.

So, here you go.

Numero Uno. Btw it’s a list not ratings, first doesn’t mean better that a second!

1. ”The Holiday” (2006)

I’m not a romantic person but I’m sucker for this romantic movie!

2. ”Love actually” (2003)

Movie covered all range of emotions and has fantastic soundtrack!

3. ”The Family Stone” (2005)

Not easy movie to watch for Christmas but I still love it. Because Love wins at least in this movie.

4. “Bad Santa ” (2003)

I remember how I saw this movie in theatre and whole audience went from Ha-ha-ha to awwwe. I like this movie and most important, it puts me in Christmas mood .

5. “Bridget Jones Diary” (2001)

I couldn’t even tell how many times I saw this movie! Love it ! Love it! Love it! ( Book even more interesting btw! )

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