List of 10 Favorite Christmas Movies (6-10)

Continue with Christmas mood movies list. Next will be animated movie of my childhood “Nutcracker”

6. “Nutcracker” 1973

As a child I always had something to say about characters created by artist. I didn’t like modern interpretation of artists vision I wanted classic and beautiful faces not like this!

I guess in years I got used to strange looking figures (for example why their legs so skinny and disproportionate? ) and multik (we call cartoons- Multiki) grew on me.

It’s in Russian but there is only Music no translation needed.

Here is a link to see it on YouTube


Another Christmas movie is also Russian and also from my childhood

7. “Twelve Months” (1972)

This movie a bit of Theatrical, I believe it was a trend in 70-s Storyline is very interesting though, written by very famous Russian poet Samuel Marshak, about girl who’s stepmother send her on Christmas Eve to the wood to pick up basket of Snowdrops flowers for a spoiled brat queen who’s promised exchange it on basket of gold!

Here is a link to this movie on YouTube:

8. “Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone” (2000)

For me only first movie of Harry Potter’s series associates with Christmas.

9. “The Family Man” (2000)

I think it’s perfect Christmas miracle movie! Nicely put challenge of life changing decisions we are all facing in our lives : Career vs. Family, City vs. Suburban

10. Would be bunch of movies that I consider as Fun/Disaster Movies!

Yes, all of them are ultimate Christmas Movies but not necessarily I would choose to watch them all every year. I guess it depends on the mood.

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