Best New Years Movie

New Year Eve movies list probably going to be much shorter and mostly Russian since New Year celebration 🎉 is much more significant for Russian.

1. Ирония судьбы или с лёгким паром (1975)

Most favorite movie for all Russian and ridiculously popular because tv translate this movie every year on New Year’s Eve since 1975!

2. Карнавальная Ночь (1956)

Very good movie for New Year Eve mood! Old school carnaval with serpentines and confetti 🎉

3. New Year’s Eve (2011)

Our answer to English “Love Actually ” Love watching this movie right before Ball Drop! Absolutely truthfully showing celebration mood of New Yorkers

4. Новогодние приключения Маши и Вити (1975)

Iconic movie of my childhood. Couldn’t wait till showtime. Usually, tv showed it in the early morning of January 1st and I remember those sweet moments when I woke up, saw my presents under the tree and open it up and ate all mandarins in it while still in bed and there was this movie – pure childhood enjoyment!

I think I must explain more about Russians tradition to celebrate New Year. We celebrate it like there is no tomorrow! We dressed up in costumes for mascarade just like here on Halloween but there is no scary costumes mostly characters from fairytales. Grandfather Frost bringing gifts with help of his granddaughter- Snow Maiden

All kids waited in anticipation gift bag. And like I mentioned above first thing when we wake up to look up for gifts under the tree! And than counted chocolate candies ! Oh, those sweet moments 😍!

5. Чародеи (1980)

Movies about love and magic of love on New Years Eve. Soundtrack of this movie was very popular in whole country!

6. Это Веселая Планета (1972)

Very old movie and was forbidden 🚫 after one of the actors immigrated in USA. Dissident in time of USSR automatically put any movie on the “shelve”

Concert like movie produced many musical hits and one song “White Waltz” was my dad favorite.

7. Обыкновенное чудо

Movie by fairy tale written by Yevgeniy Schwatz . Considered one of the best Russian movie ever made.

Obyknovennoye chudo) is 1978 romantic fantasy musical film directed by Mark Zakharov and based on a play by Yevgeni Shvarts. 

8. Старый Новый год

Here is another weirdness of Russian to celebrate New Year twice. Second time New year arrived on January 13 and Russians called it Old New Year!

Movie is amazing, filmed in slow pace just like all people celebrating old new year! Like they have to but already tired to celebrate 🎉😆

9. Дед Мороз Битва Магов (2016)

Movie is ridiculous 😂 usual Russian style of put everything together, but I’m hooked since I saw it first time right before this Christmas!

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