Happy New Year 2020!

As The New Year Blossoms, May The Journey Of Your Life Be Fragrant With New Opportunities, Your Days Be Bright With New Hopes And Your Heart Be Happy With Love! (Greeting of Perfumaniac 😁)

Happy New Year!

New decade, new life, new hope and new strength. First time for a very long time I’m happy to celebrate New Year exactly how I want!

Didn’t cook a whole dinner as tradition requires instead made Lobster 🦞 Au Gratin and it was amazing! Disappear from the plate in the minute!

We bought Maine lobsters tails and diver scallops from seafood stop in Long Island, I don’t know why we didn’t buy anything before, it’s famous spot with sign “5 Lobster tales for $20”

I was surprised by varieties of Lobsters, fish, shrimp, scallops. We choose 4 Maine lobsters (4 pcs – $35 ) and diver scallops (8 psc – $18)

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