Dinner at Voltaggio Brothers Steakhouse

What is fine dining? I forgot. Internationally forgot. I don’t know if I could even explain how could I, being foodie, grew tired of it. Just can’t. Even if it’s sound ridiculous- I took a break to rekindle interest for exquisite taste.

Voltaggio Brothers Steakhouse in MGM Grand was the right choice where I could spoil my tasting buds.

MGM Grand on Saturday night is very busy place! Good thing that we made reservation!

Had reservation but still waited for 25 minutes to get our table.

Cheers to the Full Moon!

Not many choices of white wines by the glass (not bottle) just one Sauvignon Blanc from the Malboro NZ region but I must say it was perfect.

Voltaggio Brothers choose the nostalgic theme for their restaurant, – Family gatherings in their mom dining room. Interior decor put you in the mood of 70-s and you feel like home right away.

Knowing that Michael Voltaggio’s restaurant ”Ink” in Los Angel had industrial /contemporary design and see how this restaurant looks like we were invited to their mom house for dinner. So cozy and comfortable.

We didn’t take much time to order. Our choice was: Tuna Tartar, Shrimp Cocktail for appetizer and for entry – 7. Oz of File Mignon with the accompaniment of Foie Gras

Plus Asparagus and fried mushrooms and Korean pickles (kimchi)

Shamelessly we ate it all so fast and regretfully admitted it’s not appropriate to lick the plates!

So our rating goes like this:

10/10 – highly recommended!

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