Corona Virus

Well, well… last news update reminds me World War Z movie, which kind of scary in real life

The latest on the global crisis:

• The World Health Organization has formally declared the coronavirus outbreak a “pandemic.”

• There are more than 100,000 reported cases of COVID-19 worldwide, and more than 4,200 deaths.

• President Trump announced a 30-day suspension of travel from Europe, excluding the United Kingdom .

• The NBA suspended the season until further notice after Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus.

• Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are the first celebrities to announce they have COVID-19.

I’m really don’t know what to think or believe. Some are saying is not the end of the world and everyone are overreacting.

Are we?

First things that made me nervous is If we all would be quarantined. I want to stock up food and water supplies at least for 2 weeks and if more than I’ll be able produce meal from instant powder – like milk, eggs. Technology are amazing right now and everything could be produced from dehydrated products, add water and you’ll get buttermilk, sour cream, real butter and even honey!

Here is a link for real good farm that selling those products.

Hoosier Hill Farm Real Butter powder, 1 lb

So far I got only whole milk, I hope situation is temporary.

I bought month supplies of favorite Theo’s food – Merrick.

What I didn’t get and still not going to is toilet paper 🧻! Seriously people why the heck are you getting crazy about toilet papers? Just ridiculous!

All those medications are ready too!

So we’ll see what’s next but at least I don’t have anxiety that we going to die from hunger 😃

My shopping spree put big hole in the budget though

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