Taste of Childhood

In light of recent shopping spree I found true treasure 🥰😆

I don’t know for how long but Russian international store started to sell pastries directly for Russia.

All pastries are well known from my childhood. I wonder if they have the same taste.

To my pleasant surprise taste of all pastries was exactly as I remember!

I really like it! Happiness comes in different packages- today in plastic box of assorted Russian pastries

This one ☝️ called potato 🥔! Never was my favorite but taste is absolutely identical. I couldn’t stop smilie.

White from the right is called Airy pastry, now known as macaroons. Those were my favorites- yes, 1000% of sugar! Who wouldn’t like it?!

Most interesting is the one with little flower and leaf, last one on the right!

This pastry or cake were most popular for any holidays, anniversaries and birthdays 🎂 and I hate it! Can’t explain why but I didn’t like all those butter and moist biscuit layers.

Cake usually had butter cream mushrooms, flowers and little chiclets as décoration and although they looked very appealing I rolled my eyes every time I saw this cake on somebody’s birthday

But today i waited with anticipation to try it first! And oh, god – yes! This is the cake from my childhood! And I love it right now! Although I couldn’t eat more than 2 of those mini pastries- too much butter 😆

And this one is also from my childhood just as I remember. I also wasn’t big fan of them.

I always loved hand made cakes . 🤔 Hmmm , now I see that I was definitely spoiled by my mom’s culinary magic.

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