North Fork. Part 1. Sands Dunes

Week of embarrassingly bad weather and not less embarrassing feeling that you getting more fatter by every minute you’ve spend on the couch,end up in ultimatum to the power above, demanding one day of parley just to get outside and breath fresh air.

Théo is happy traveler!

One peak at the window and we’re noticed sunshine, it gives us a couple of minutes to jump in the car and start to move forward for next adventure.

Since our proposed plan to hike on one of trail of Hunter mountain was postponed due to Covid-19, we turned favor to our beloved North Forks.

This time we want to explore new site and possibly to find a new place for summer weekends. Little distance of trails also was nice points to consider.

Theo was leading the way. He likes new places.

Just 1/3 of the mile and we are on the beach

Absolutely beautiful place .

Just to sit here and listen ocean serenity

Theo wanted to open swimming season.

Back on the hiking trail.

Landscape reminds me of Yellowstone geysers valley. Have similarities with trees and sand paths

We our way back to the parking lot thinking that each of our leg weight about 600 lb.

It’s not easy to hike on the sand it was a quite workout.

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