North Fork. Part 2. Vineyard and lavender.

Theo wears himself out, couldn’t jump in the car, showing that his legs hurt. – Pick me up, mommy!

Poor baby, the quarantine time also soften him too.

On our way back home we stopped by at Lavander by the Bay farm to buy Provence Lavender. I’m doing it every year since it never survives the winter. I’m using it for ice tea. As far as I know it’s only lavender that good for cooking purposes. I need to double-check that fact though.

The owner complained that many lavenders didn’t survive winter.

The place is really magical, unfortunately, it’s very overcrowded during the time of lavender blooming. They also stopped offering to cut your own lavender bouquet – bunch of them ready for pick up in the store. Site is very popular by Chinese tourists, just impossible to enjoy lavender serenity there since hundred Chinese people coming in buses and they are very loud. Not being a racist, it is what it is.

Vinery is still closed but look at the beautiful view

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