9 May. Victory Day.

Today Russia is celebrating Victory Day.

Not like we are used to. Now it looks more like a farce with people dressed in military uniforms and regalia as a costume! It drives me mad – How dare you! Those are medals not an accessories,some of them were given after heroes death! The only one initiative I support is called “Бессмертный полк” (Forever battalion ) when Grandchildren goes on parade wearing not only a Georgian bow out of trend but carrying portraits of they Great-Grandfathers.

My Grandpa never liked to celebrate Victory Day. He did just because everyone else were celebrated. He never liked to tell stories about War, I remember him saying that is nothing glorious about war.

He was a driver of very famous military truck called – The Katyusha -multiple rocket launcher. He said sounds of it was terrifying and strongly believed that this weapon of destruction changed war situation to Russians advantage.

He lost many of his medals, the only ones is left

We celebrated this day as remembrance not drunken dances and throwing fists in the air saying : We could repeat! I hate to see it turned into political stunt!

I cant forget the silent cries of veterans when they get together, remembering their falling friends. That’s how we celebrated this day by remembering!

I remember how our family celebrated Victory Day. I would wake up early and my parents would take me to my grandpa and than we are together with my brother , we parade. I was very proud of my grandpa I wouldn’t lie if I say I worshiped him. He was my everything. Now, when I think what they’ve been through I couldn’t apprehend how they are made it through all the adversities.

Here is my grandpa favorite song about War – The Cranes

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