Hiking at Jim Thorpe.

I’m not first time here but first time just for hiking. Didn’t expect that my quarantine fatness will allow me to do more than 5 miles. I wasn’t ready to die either 😄

There are numerous trails in and around the town of Jim Thorpe. Biking and hiking are available for every level.

Picturesque Lehigh Gorge State Park provides view to die ( not literally though) for hikers, bikers as well as for lovers of kayak/raft white waters of different levels. As I remember somewhere on the river exist even 4 level of white water.

We are here today for waterfalls and river meditation.

Had a plan to do bird watching but didn’t see any birds this time

The amazing smell is all around me, natural Earthy fragrance : wet wood, fresh greens and Moss.

Like Waterfalls

Buttermilk waterfalls

River meditation.

Lucky to spot ice cream parlor : vanilla and chocolate soft serve was in order

Theo got surprised too with cup of doggy yogurt with peanut butter and little cookie.

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