Shopping time

In time of Covid quarantine our shopping place extended as much as possible- to the end of Long Island. Waiting line in any nearby Costco was ridiculous so decision to go to Riverhead was very wise: fewer people, everything in stock, lowest prices for the fuel and possibilities to chill on the beach.

Stopped at favorite farmers market for 🌽 corns, I should tell the secret – their corns are unbelievable delicious, they roasting it in summer and we never missed this spot on our way back home!

Whole summertime we’re buying all vegetables and fruits here.

This time I got dills and cilantro for garden, I want to have fresh dill for summer salads – believe me the scent itself makes a difference! When it grows I’ll be collecting seeds, because I often using it in my cooking. Last one I brought from Russia, from my mom’s farm.

Flowers are beautiful and well refined but also quite expensive, I mean vegetables, fruits , pies, fresh bred, fresh mozzarella are not cheap choice since it’s all organic but well worth it to have.

Of course we made our beach/playground stop with Theo and fully loaded with goodies came back home .

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