Follow the River

This little prince is the reason why we here at Minnewaska.

Good weather returned motorcycles on the streets and Theo’s panic attack returned as well. He refuses to go to the potty and our safe place for stroll unfortunately temporarily closed. I’m a little bit under stress about this issue but knowing that only patience will help we decided to go for upstate for a hike. Theo is very enthusiastic about walk in the wood.

The weather cooperated as well. This time we choose trail along the river from Awosting Falls.

Beautiful place, so its not surprise that it’s very popular trail.

Sometimes I think it looked like Time Square, not exactly what I’m looking for when I want to be left alone with nature.

Thing we do for our prince 😀

We had little fun though… Even recreated scene from Lion King ”The Circle of Life”.

On the way back, we stopped at the local farmers market to buy something organic to enjoy.

And of course, we couldn’t leave without fresh wildflowers.

All our ”hunting trophies” are perfect.

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