Backyard season is on

Today was a real hard-working day for me despite its Sunday, very satisfying though.

It’s time to clean backyard and bring back our favorite outdoor room, where we like to spent our time after work to enjoy evening breeze from the ocean

Over the fall and winter, rain brought so much dirt to the backyard so before uncover furniture and put gazebo canopy on , the concrete floor must be cleaned with special chemical treatment. I’ll tell you – this job is not for faint of heart. But I believe I passed this test with flying colors.

Probably, I couldn’t move my hands tomorrow but I had fun. Like I said it was very satisfying and checked some boxes on a list I have. List is to prove myself what I’m capable to do without anybody’s help, any men If to say more correctly. Over the years Ive heard: you can’t do this, you can’t do that.

It’s a amazing feeling when you are realizing that you are capable to do much more. So, :

– Bought gallon of concrete cleaning supply

Scratch, cleaned and wash whole backyard

– wash and clean outdoor furniture.

– put new gazebo canopy on

– Bring backyard accessories (decor and furniture pillows.

– check if string like is work.

All above is checked ✅ and done. I did it all by myself.

Now, we celebrated the opening of new backyard season!

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