Lake Seneca wine trail . Part 1

Well, I was surprised when I found out that Seneca Lake has a wine trail. Wine region that far up to north? How interesting! I was even more surprised to find out how many wineries located around Lake Seneca

When I saw the lake’s surrounding landscape I understand why there is wineries here. Lake and hills creating perfect atmosphere for winemaking!

Wines trellises growing on the hills everywhere and of course it somehow reminding me of Napa Valley.

First stop was at winery that didn’t provide wine tasting instead they offer to call to buy a wine.

Landscape is just breathtaking!

Next step was Ventosa Vineyard

Winery transported me to my favorite Napa Valley: the look, the atmosphere, the air, scent of wine was fantastic!

Love how they presented wines, have to choose 5 wines to try of the list. Of course first choice was Chardonnay.

I have to admit that I’m very lenient towards locals vineyards, I know – shame on me but I always think that nothing could compare with Napa! I also have to admit that I’m mistaken.

I truly enjoyed all of the 5 choices of wine in Ventosa.

First time I took the pen and wrote down my first impression! I don’t know why but I felt like real sommelier very! 😊 I guess I finally came to the point when my olfactory meet tasting buds and they together evaluate what they like or not.

1. 2017 Silver Chardonnay- fantastic! Light, fruity , the best for hot day! Smell slightly fruity. Decided to buy it right away.

2. 2017 Oak–Aged Chardonnay- Superb! Not overwhelmingly oaky , slightly buttery, smell like oud ! Easily could be perfume notes!

Winery has a nice porch overlooking the vine trellises and lake.

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