Lavender mood

Once you stepped on the lavender field, everything else is becomes irrelevant. It’s calming you down and soothes you right away.

Thank to COVID situation ( I can’t believe I said it 🤷🏻‍♀️) they have limited access to the field and it’s mean much less people or better yet much less annoying people compared to usual Armageddon on the field when busses with Chinese tourists arrived. I mean it doesn’t matter what kind of tourists arriving if they are loud and obnoxious it will drive you crazy!

This is also mean you can walk around without bumping into walking by people, it’s mean you could lay down between lavenders and enjoy natural blooming fragrance in the air without dozen curious tourists that trying to figure it out what are you doing here or there.

Now it’s mellow walk between lavender rows – Just breath in!

I took my time to lay down between the rows and just enjoy lavender paradise

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