Top 4 of Best Lobster Rolls

I think I finally choose a Winner in my own Lobster 🦞 Roll compétition.

If you ask me how many competitors was in the lobster roll, I would say not many but all of them are very good.

I’ll start from 4 place on the list –

4. Panera’s Bread Lobster Roll – not original recipe but just for amount of lobster meat they put on the bread for just $16

3. East Swallow Restaurant. They served everything in appetizers. Lobster roll is not usual size since it’s appetizer

2. Angry Archie Food Truck – Spicy Lobster roll is amazing and that what makes us to come to whenever they stationed. For couple of years Angry Archie’s was a Winner.

And Finally Lobster Roll from Claudio Crabby Jerry’s

They just mastering perfect Lobster Roll. Thankfully it’s always there where I love to be on Long Island.

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