How to create great breakfast (imho)

When you don’t go to a fine dining restaurant, nothing is stopping you from creating a fine dining experience at your home.

I avoided Traders Joe for years on prejudice that it’s a very expensive store for health-obsessed people. Nothing wrong with health care but to pay double price for so-called range free or no pesticide food (I have my doubt) is!

I recently discovered that I was wrong about prices and what I really like that store has small packages for people who are don’t cook for a big family but just for themselves.

So today I decided to treat myself with open croissant sandwich. I squeezed tomato-basil chicken sausage out of the casing to make a patty to pan fry it.

Sprinkle Green Goddess dressing (so good!) on toasted croissant and added fresh baby arugula, then placed one egg sunny side up and finished it with a pan-fried chicken patty on top. Since its open sandwich, I know American uneasy about open conception, forgive me my euro upbringing 🤷🏻‍♀️) there is no croissant top.

Decorated with fresh homegrown cherry tomatoes and Voila! Bon Appetite! Fine dining experience is right here!

Not biased Reaction from my mom : Wow! It looks like a dish from very expensive restaurant!

Conclusion? What did I tell you? You have a goal? Go for it! Be brave and do it!

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