Kaaterskill Fall.

”Let’s go to see Kaaterskill Fall they said, it will be fun they said” idea to go there was constantly on my mind since beginning of quarantine.

It says that waterfall is a picturesque and very popular, easy level trail to visit. With heavy traffic on both way. That’s what exactly the reason why I still haven’t been there. Well, now we can scratched that. Been there, done it – no sticker 🤷🏻‍♀️

Limited access restriction wasn’t that bad, waited just 29 minutes to get parking lot, which is fit in the limit of 30 minutes waiting time until I turn around and leave

Huge surprise was golden leaves on the trees, foliage was in full mode. Didn’t expect that at all. I know I should’ve – it’s the last day of September, right? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Well, New York is still very much green, not even slightest indication that Fall is upon us.

First steps didn’t look hard, Theo was excited to run everywhere

More further we go the more difficult the trail becomes.

Unfortunately none of the picture could really show that this trail is not for faint of the heart.

You are marching down on really uneven and treacherous road.

Big note to myself – Rina! you have hiking shoes! Use it! Stop wearing sneakers in places where risk to broke your legs or twist your ankles is almost promised.

Almost all the way downhill you have to be very careful, watching out where are you rather step.

If you think that oh, finally its look like stairs – Nah, it just may seem like that, all steps are uneven, raised rather to high for comfortable step down, I could tell you it’s a quite exercise!

I was thinking: who is in right mind would call it an easy trail? I bet Theo thought the same

Despite the difficulties of the road , he was hiking like a true hiker, jumped from one step to another without complaint, with the same enthusiasm as he started.

When we reached the final place of descending he was already tried to figure it out where he can take a nap 😀

I was ready to seat or lay down or whatever. To be brutally honest I was ready to call for helicopter 🚁 Already exhausted from the trip to go down you’ll fast come to realization that you also need to do the same walking, actually climbing would be right word in this situation, on the all the way up!

On the way up, made 1200 stops (or something like that) just to catch my breath! Kidding of course but it totally feels like 1200 stops.

Despite my moaning and very little whining I must tell you that ,the view of the magnitude waterfall worth all of those inconveniences.

I’ll be in my bed tomorrow with muscles cramps but I’ll be happy and very proud of myself that I did it!

Even though it wasn’t competition, on the way home we were rewarded with this scenery

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