Happy Birthday my Little Prince

Today is Theo’s 3rd Birthday 🎉! I can’t believe how fast time is flying ! Like yesterday I remember the moment when he was born!

I was with my breeder Brenda on the phone. She said that she thinks that Grace is done with 3 babies but maybe it looks like could’ve been 4th one coming.

10 minutes later she sent me this picture

I instantly thought- this is my Theo! He was born underweight and looked significantly smaller that other pups. Brenda suggested “do not get attached ” since often underweight puppies not survived.

I knew he will be alright , I just knew it!

Visited him after 2 weeks , his one eye was already open and he was crawling all over his place.

He was first in everything, getting stronger and stronger day by day.

For the last 2 years Theo and I , we’ve been together trough hard time and losses. We were holding each other as it would our lives depends on it! I strongly believe that’s what saved us both.

After Atie crossed the rainbow, Theo experienced devastating panic attacks. I had to take care of him with patience, step by step overcoming his sudden fear of everything.

Now he is amazing dog and best friend anybody could wish for!

Sometimes he is very opinionated but I believe it’s a corgi thing. He is very smart, he knows and understands meaning of many words, surprisingly not only in conversation but hearing it on TV, movies even GPS.

He loves watching movies with interest! I never saw that dogs could watch it movie like that ! He likes watching historical movies, I noticed he is paying much more attention when women’s wearing long dresses. He loves Jasmine from movie Aladin, he couldn’t turn his eyes from her and when I asking him : Do you like Jasmine he is turning his head with biggest smile on his face 🥰 – just remarkable!

He loves hiking , recently he started to swim although I need to buy him a swimming west to boost his confidence. Worked as magic and now he is swimming by his own

Today, he is still recovering after surgery but didn’t mind cake at all.

I love him more than life itself! Happy Birthday my precious!

PS. Cake from little bakery called “Ladybird” – specializes in real butter créam cake. Buying their cake for Birthdays is our tradition for many years.

Here is a link to the site :


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