Time for Apple picking

Patiently waited whole year to get these apples.

Last year we brought home whole bucket and I thought I’m going to do apple jam but 🍏 🍎 apple’s itself was so delicious and sweet and juicy i decided to eat it. Apples stayed fresh till Christmas, last one I used as Mister Goose staffing.

Such a pleasure to get those apples from the tree.

Huge Golden Delicious apples 🍏!

Didn’t get full bucket, I think it’s more than enough. Let’s see how long they are going to last.

Located near pumpkin patch presents the opportunity for pictures. Of course we graciously agree to pose πŸ˜€

To early to buy it and we have little pumpkins at home. Took couple of pictures or dozen πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ just to freshen up the feed.

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