Goldfields & Banks

Longing to test all goodies from Goldfield & Banks – Australian perfumes house. Thanks to their discovery set I could do it all at once.

All summer, influencers posted good reviews about new perfume- Bohemian Lime. And considering that I was favored citrusy fragrances this summer- it would’ve fit in my niche of summer perfumes choices but unfortunately price didn’t fit into my budget! 😂 It is always about damn budget…

Lime Fragrance Notes

Notes: Australian finger lime, bergamot, coriander, Atlas cedar, vetiver, Australian sandalwood

It is beautiful fragrance but I’m not sure if I could pull it off – it seems too masculine for me although I agree that perfume is fantastic.

Another one that I really wanted to have is Pacific Rock Moss.

Notes: Australian coastal moss, lemon, sage, geranium, Virginia cedar

If earlier perfume notes were very attractive, now when I tried it I want it even more. Light as air, fresh, smooth and sexy scent is not what i expected but fall in love immediately. Of course I recognize ISO-Super / Molecule in the base which is always make me think about Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce but this time it’s very subtle and pleasant.

Pacific Rock Moss goes on my Shopping List

Another perfume that I truly enjoy is Desert Rosewood.

Notes: Buddha Wood Australia, Mandarin Sicily, Cardamom India, Benzoin Laos, Vanilla Comoros Islands, Patchouli Indonesia.

Luxurious rose and smooth leather combination is perfectly blended. In my opinion this fragrance much more sophisticated that any other rose/leathery perfumes. It smells perfectly on the piece of paper but when splash it on my wrist my body chemistry created a joke on me , pleasant first notes turned into scent of wooden outhouse… like real !

I couldn’t believe it but it’s true it smells on my hand like pile of shit under rose bushes … 🙀

So, unfortunately Desert Rosewood is no longer on my Shopping list.

Overall, all fragrances are fantastic and there is no disappointments, it just I only wanted to mention this 3 perfumes.

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