Ready for Hogwarts

Nice and sunny day in Pocono. While you in car, outside seems warm enough but as soon as you stepped out you would feel the cold mountain breeze, so the hat went on the head immediately.

Choo choo train entertained spectators with steam and whistles. Quite successfully I would say – everyone around smiled and took the pictures. The whole view reminds us scene on Platform 9 3/4 from the Harry Potter movie. I believe each and everyone of us had a wish to be a kid again! Even for a minute!

I had no idea that train still rides working in November 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I checked their website and now I know that they also provide round trip on the train in Winter month too!

Relax and ride comfortably in our vintage coaches built as early as 1917 pulled by diesel engines.  The narrated round-trip follows the majestic Lehigh River over bridges, through Glen Onoko, and into the Lehigh Gorge State Park.  High-rising cliffs, mountain scenery, and wildlife surround the train along the forested route to Old Penn Haven.

I could only imagine how magical it looks when everything covered with snow! Now I have a reason to return here for winter train ride!

With all that train excitement I forgot about real reason why I’m here – oh yeah! to hike! Wanted to explore new (for me) trail that started right from the train station.

Finally I brought my new hiking boots to test. So far , so good – I like the fact that it’s very light and also provide good support for ankles.

Walking and passing by all those enchanting beauty . I wonder if those berries are edible?

Of course Mr. Theo had his pictures taken maybe not gladly but willingly ))) He is such a character and crowd pleaser!

Oxygen and exercise made us weary and we barely reached our parking spot on our way back.

Nice hike everyone!

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