Christmas Tree

I was planing Nutcracker theme for this year Christmas tree. I even asked my friend from Russia to make one for me.

Plans changed and Nutcracker theme will wait till next year.

For now I would really enjoy just to have a real Christmas tree this year

I have enough Christmas ornaments for 2 Christmas trees! Collecting it since 2012 when hurricane Sandy completely destroyed all my Christmas decorations.

Open boxes that previously were stashed away and was pleasantly surprised to see so many ornaments I completely forgot about.

This pine cone is new and I bought it because it looks exactly like pine cone my parents used to have when I was a little.

It was the best time of the Year, best childhood memories when my mama and I go to the store to pick up new ornaments – Oh boy, I wanted to have everything, especially I loved icicles.

Just like this.

I hope it was just as easy as it shows on the video but no complaints – it was a pleasure

Yes, even though it’s not a Nutcracker theme some of them arrived just in case 😁

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