Getting Christmas Tree

Christmas time this year is very intense. Life don’t get any easier to anyone. So after I said good bye to my iPad Pro i defiantly needed some cheers in my life.

Checked couple of nursery and knowing prices already (started from $109-$129 ) I decided to stop by at Home Depot to check their prices for Christmas tree. If I can’t get big one than maybe small one fit about $50 – (yes, I did set a budget limit) if not a tree than maybe a wreath or even just branches for the Christmas spirit fragrance in my home.

Pulled over to the parking lot I saw this display of beauties. What? – $29.98 for 4-5’ Are you kidding me? – I’ll take 3! – Nah, just kidding but now fitting into budget our tree could be much bigger.

Trees were smelled amazing, first, we saw Fraser Fir and then checked our favorite Canadian Balsam. As a pre-Christmas miracle they have sale today we choose 7’-8’ tree and pay for it In total $54

The feelings that we don’t need anybody’s help we’re overwhelming. Guy offered to tied tree on the roof of the car 🚗

Again, we didn’t ask.

While driving home we couldn’t believe that we bought Christmas tree by ourselves!

Surprise , surprise – this year we have our own red car with Christmas 🎄 tree in the top. Manifest is working !

Didn’t take much time to install it to the stand and voila – she is here! Need some time for all branches to be fully open up before we start to put our ornaments.

See you tomorrow beautiful!

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