DIY Project of the Day

There is undoubtedly changes within me that I would probably never discovered if not certain circumstances. I stopped doubt myself though

About 6 months ago barstools seats started to look weary and than peeled.

Nothing I could’ve done to stop the peeling process and of course it upsets me since I love those stools. Quick research what options do I have to buy new with similar look and also vu good quality ones as I have now and prices for new are very expensive – so option to buy new was out.

I had an idea 💡- try to fix it and reupholster it. I started look up for place where I could get leather or faux leather to match my living room color palette.

Knowing that famous fabrics store in Manhattan- Mood, selling home decor fabrics I went there and bought 1.5 yards of stunning crocodile patterns leatherette ( $37) and also checked fabrics for another “pillows project” but that is for another story.

After checking reupholstering businesses around, I found out that it’s not going to be on budget. At moment I thought maybe I could find somebody who worked as handyman, to could help me out with this and suddenly I thought What if I could do it myself without somebody else’s help, which I prefer because i don’t want to depend on anyone!

I turned chair and looked to find out how those seats attached and I realized that I could easily take it out and if I could reupholster it that most definitely I would install it back again.

YouTube to the rescue and I watched video tutorials specifically made for round seats – and I thought – I could do it! I could! I strongly believed that I could do it!

Ordered suggested tools : heavy duty staple gun and staple remover tools.

Project started with removal of all old staples and old pillow top.

with great help of my main man of course! I must tell you it’s not easy process to remove it but I did!

First seat I did by following exact instruction of the guy from tutorial but when I finished first chair top I also figure it out how to improve upholstery technique and be more sufficient with hand movements so the second seat I did better and much faster.

And voila! Barstools ready for another life! I’ll do touch ups tomorrow to fix scratches on the wood frames.

I’m tired but quite proud of myself. Another one bites to dust, or as I would call it – FU project is done!

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