Dream about Violets

For last couple of years I was learning a lot about perfume making and also about essential oils. One of the precious ingredient for perfume is violet and I’ve been fascinated by method of Violet oil making but this story is not about that.

My dream was to growing my own violets but I never saw violet for sale or I ever saw it in the the wild.

Found once very expensive seeds on sale but I couldn’t trust it will grow from seeds

Last spring right before quarantine I found very much looking like violet leaves but I couldn’t believe my that wild violets suddenly popped out in my flower box. Just to confirm it is violet, I decided to transfer it to the plant box and see myself what’s going to happen? It wasn’t a long wait when little and delicate violets started to bloom. My question was – how?

And than walking Theo on his favorite field happened another magical episode – in near place where we parking our car , right along the concrete I noticed bright leaves that was also looked like violets. I was completely dumbfounded! What is going on ?

It was perfectly looking Viola Odorata, just sitting here waiting for me … If you think that : Oh it’s probably everywhere you just didn’t see it. Nope- I walk all over that field and around – not a single violet!

I don’t know about you , but I consider it as Magic.

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