Russian Orthodox Easter

I forgot when did I bake Easter kylich last time. Thankfully skills are still here 😆 and Boy, oh Boy, I did enjoy to making it!

First I found live yeast, without it dough wouldn’t be as puffy as it supposed to be. It was stayed overnight in warm place under blanket and early in the morning I kneaded into form dough and it went into same warm place to got up

Worked couple of time more until it was time to bake it.

Added my signature touch aka orange zest and raisins and cubes of dried papaya. And sent it to oven.

Whole room started to smell so amazing, warm feeling that I finally wanted to do something for myself that makes me happy.

Now, as last hurray was the most difficult task of making sugar glaze. To be honest I never ever made it to the perfection as it should be. This time was the right time, and surprisingly for me , glaze was perfect, I even made swirl on top to make it look like a nest for little lemon almond eggs.

Little pearls on top and I couldn’t believe that I did this pretty thing!

Happy Orthodox 🐣 Easter!

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