Purple Flower by Mancera

It was a long road for me to finally accept Mancera’s Purple Flowers and make it mine. It wasn’t question about whether I like it or not. Of course I like lush fragrances as it is. The question I asked myself if I already have something similar and if I figure it out that this new fragrance is someone else’s old perfume I’m turning away so quick my heels start burning!

For example I still fuming about overhyped new perfume house Atelier Des Ors. Everyone talking and promoting their perfumes. I agree – design is on point! Sparkles inside Bottles are on point but all perfumes inside so far from breakthrough! Pomelo Riviera – you’ll be surprised! It smells like pomelos! No finece in there! So I have to spend $300 to smell like pomelos? Are you kidding me? $3 essential oil will suffice! Riviera Drive, Riviera Lazuli made on 90% our Iso Super – yeah, Fierce by Abercrombie will bit those by miles! So, you got the point of my turn off in olfactory business.

From the first sight I loved it and when fragrance dried down I thought it reminds me some other perfume. Oh-oh! I remember that it has similar notes with Lalique Noir Premier Rose Royale 1935 and decided to pass on that.

Long story short I bought it as a gift to someone and fell in love with it again and now promised myself to get it too!

I really enjoy the luxurious scent of amber, musk and as I would assume roses.

I would simply put it smells like very rich women! Yes, lol, if money would smell it should smell like Purple Flowers!

Luckyscent described Purple Flowers as stunning “Ultra Violet”-tinted bottle (the Pantone Color of the Year 2018), Purple Flowers more than lives up to its bold presentation, delivering a rounded, vibrant, deeply woodsy floral scent that should entrance Mancera lovers and newcomers alike. Eye-popping bursts of citrus balance against a lush, rose-led floral bouquet made tantalizingly unisex by a rich, complex spice blend- pepper, ginger, and nutmeg. As it dries, the florals become sweetly ambered, weaving in woodsy and creamy tones warm enough to feel comfortable, yet still airy enough for a year-round sexiness anyone can rock in style. It’s the perfect fragrance to complement the Color Of The Year: delightfully attention-grabbing at first, yet ultimately so wonderfully balanced that the hundredth time you experience it is every bit as satisfying as the first.


Explosion of Spices: Nutmeg, Ginger, Black Pepper, Fig Tree & Mandarin.


Rose Absolute, Leaves of Patchouli, Sensual Cedar Wood.


Grey Amber, Vanilla Pods, White Musk.

My rate is 9/10

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