Sel Marin by Henley

I bought it for full price because I never spotted this perfume for lower price anywhere. I mention it to emphasize the power of determination 😄 to fulfill my wish list!
Believe me, Im not buying any perfumes for full price anymore.
About 6 years ago I started to look for aquatic/beach/ocean type of perfumes and when I was at Scent Bar in Los Angeles, Sel Marin was my first choice , minutes later I found Acqua Di Sale by Profumo Roma and competition was over , Profumo blew all other competitors away.

Sel Marin has been on my mind ever since though. Time come to get this amazing fragrance which is just shy away from Acqua Di Sale, to be honest, just less straightforward, more reserved to celebrate ocean breeze.

In my opinion it’s more floral perfume than any others, although its unisex perfumes I hardly could imagine how it would play on men’s skin. Very curious.

Yes, its very oceanic, you would feel sun, salty ocean air but not in open ocean but rather from the beach while strolling on the cloudy day.

Top notes includes lemon, Sicilian bergamot – those notes not much apparent, mostly like a hint to add freshness . You would definitely feel sea salt and Algae just as would on the ocean shore, than it will dry down to woody and a bit flowery fragrance not overwhelming, mostly to keep your attention on the ocean horizon and inhale ocean breeze.

Notes: Lemon, Italian bergamot
Sea salt, Moss, Algae/ Seaweed
Vetiver, Cedar, musk

My rate: 9 out of 10

100 ml – $180

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