Brighton Beach

I barely visit Brighton Beach, although I often do groceries shopping nearby I wouldn’t go to boardwalk at all.

Brighton Beach is definitely has some charms. Like 70s charms. Even though it seems upgraded to 1980’s maybe since I was here first time in 1998 but don’t lose your hopes it’s still lots of characters to see.

If you ask me what’s good than up there? – I’ll say -Food! Don’t leave without trying at least something!

There is many groceries stores that selling authentic Russian food as well as many restaurants could offer tons of deliciousness You just have to choose.

My choice is restaurant Tatiana which is very famous Russian cuisine restaurant. I don’t know how he is still in business but I’m glad it is! I remember I even celebrated my birthday here long time ago 😃 when I celebrated birthdays at all.

Middle of September but it’s still very hot in 89-94 F so we ordered cold Kvas ( Russian kombucha) right away

Wanted to order a lot but I understand I couldn’t finish it so I choose for first course what I wanted the most – Solyanka.

Second course was Beef Stroganoff with fried potatoes and mushrooms.

Both courses are flagships of Russian cuisine. I couldn’t stop praising how delicious it was and how I’m really enjoying this food and I kept asking myself why I wasn’t here for so long ?

I saw this sign on umbrella and I thought – 🤔 hmm… unleash happiness. I certainly did!

Remember I told you about Brighton characters so here is one of them

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