Time to pick some apples

Another year flew by and it’s time to pick some apples and maybe hold some pumpkin for a picture…

It seems like I have enough pumpkins already – two made out of the glass, my DIY pumpkin and velvet pumpkins

For last 7-8 years farms got creative with pumpkins, growing beautiful variety of pumpkins : purely decorative and edible ones.

Even “smack my bottom “ pumpkins lol as I would call it

Going to North Fork of Long Island for apple picking was a bad idea – to stay in barely moving traffic without a chance to turn around and not even reach the destination where we were going is completely crazy!

So just for our own sake, I made a stop at the first farmers’ market and without hesitation picked up some apples… In shopping bag.

And I also picked little pumpkin, hold it for a picture and put it back

But! This pull cart is proof that farmers market was a success!

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