Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I have some thanks to give despite 2020 is happening.

This year a pheasant has a leading role in Thanksgiving Dinner show, I know it sounds a bit too regal but I could promise you it’s just a bird. I went through a couple of hundreds of recépés how to cook a pheasant and decided to give it try .

Thé secret of good pheasant is to keep it moist as much as possible which is hard to do since a pheasant is very lean bird . I put it in brine as preparation and later added bacon on top. (Would not use bacon 🥓 next time because for me bacon overwhelmed the smell of pheasant)An hour in the oven covered with foil and than 20 min until it gets golden.

Finally, it’s time for new plates, bought precisely for Thanksgiving 🦃. Didn’t have specific plates for holidays before but one glance was enough to understand I need these Williams & Sonoma plates. With great % off got a good deal on the set.

Also made baked cauliflowers and home-style fried potatoes with chantarelle mushrooms

Everything was delicious – I have to say that pheasant does taste just mix of goose dark meat and turkey 🦃.

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